Patriot Windows Replacement

Introduction & Brand History

Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions have been in service since 1957. With many years of experience behind the company, it has become the leading provider for screen room and sunroom projects, especially in St. Louis. It hires top design specialists who are aware and knowledgeable of the latest design options. Patriot also helps even in the process of applying for permits.

Range of Windows Available

Patriot also provides different types of windows for various types of projects. The main type of window that the company sells is EnviroView replacement windows. By the very name, the client gets an idea that Patriot windows are designed to be energy efficient. Patriot windows are not only energy efficient but are also built to endure the harshest weather so that they remain strong and attractive.


Bay windows are like extensions, at least in terms of view. Homeowners who require something sophisticated yet simple will love the Patriot bay windows.


Bows are pretty much like bay windows in the sense that they provide simple elegance. This is understandable as bays and bows are often combined to create a new style of the window altogether.

Double Hungs

Double-hung are very traditional looking and are often installed into homes that make use of classic architectural form. They can be tilted when it is time for them to be cleaned up. This feature enables easy cleaning.


Sliding Patriot windows manage to have the best of both worlds: style and functionality. Clients can close the windows for comfort and security or slide them easily open when they want some fresh air.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

Patriot windows have been manufactured, distributed, and sold for many years. So, they have managed to establish a reputation and gained the trust of consumers. The service is one of a kind. As mentioned earlier, the company is even involved when it comes to the handling of permits. That goes beyond what window and door companies offer. Patriot also sells their windows with a warranty and the guarantee of products that do not have defects. The windows are elegant and sophisticated but also energy-efficient and durable.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

Patriot windows are available for all sorts of budgets. In fact, the company has made sure that there are models that can fit into any homeowner’s budget. Not of these windows are shabby, either. Clients can take a look at samples in the showroom and can request a free estimate to better gauge what their budget can truly afford. The company provides free in-home design consultation. So, clients can schedule a visit from Patriot without having to pay anything until they decide to buy windows.

Care & Warranty Information

Together with good service and high-quality products comes a lifetime transferrable manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty protects the consumers beyond just the assurance that the windows come with no defects and are of great quality. There is also general liability insurance and workman’s compensation. Being a family-owned company, Patriot comes with personal care and attention.

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