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OKNA Windows was started by New York contractors Voytek Kaniewski and Yarek Ostaniewicz, two Polish who slowly paved their way through the industry by doing window installations and finally by establishing their own window replacement company in 1994.

Starting with a 25,000-square-foot facility, their production plant and headquarters grew to an enormous space in Pennsylvania housing state-of-the-art machinery, equipment, and more than a hundred employees.

The company has partnered with trusted material manufacturers in the business, such as Royal Group Technologies and TruSeal Technologies. Today, OKNA Windows is famed for manufacturing vinyl and PVC windows for the east and west coast markets.

OKNA Energy-Efficient Window Styles

OKNA Windows energy-efficient window styles:

  • OKNA Single Hung Windows

  • OKNA Double Hung Windows

  • OKNA Casement Windows

  • OKNA Awning Windows

  • OKNA Basement Windows

  • OKNA Picture Windows

  • OKNA Sliding Windows

  • OKNA Hopper Windows

  • OKNA Bay Windows

  • OKNA Bow Windows

  • Okna 400 Series windows also called Precision Weld

  • Okna 500 Series windows also called Insul-Tec

  • Okna 700 Series Casement windows

  • Okna 750 Series Awning windows

  • Okna 800 Series windows also called Enviro-Star

The Okna 500 series is a relatively common offering and the Okna 800 series is billed as their top-of-the-line product.

OKNA Window Replacement Review

OKNA windows utilize the company’s self-made technology Insul-Tec, which combines sturdy construction with superb insulation. The windows have a three-quarter-inch welded mainframe that provides maximum strength and durability for many years. Some windows have foam-filled insulated extrusions for added energy efficiency, and others have the sill dam system that prevents leaks from occurring in the corner seals. The tilt latches are recessed to give the windows a slim appearance and hold the sashes locked in place.

To give the windows a smooth, trouble-free operation, a lock and tamper-proof keeper is used, and for sound reduction and improved thermal performance, a bulb gasket seal is utilized.

OKNA windows are reliable when it comes to keeping the home safe from UV rays, dust, dirt, and excessive noise pollution. These windows have triple weatherstripping to prevent the elements and noise from passing through freely. The multi-point locking system improves the strength of the windows against harsh weather. In addition, the HeatSeal spacer system makes the windows efficient in keeping cold air and warm air in or out depending on the season, aside from preventing internal condensation.

All windows come standard with a ThruVision fiberglass mesh screen for extra protection.

Customers wanting proof of the efficiency of these windows will not be disappointed. OKNA windows received an AAMA rating of R50, much higher than the R15 industry standard. Air infiltration rating is 0.05 compared to standard 0.03, while water penetration rating is 62 compared to standard 33. The structural overload grade of these windows is 171, very far from the standard 94. These numbers show that OKNA windows showed more than 75% better performance than the minimum required in the industry.

OKNA Windows allows consumers to customize their windows with several options. For the external colors, almond, Melrose cherry, cognac, natural, cocoa, and bronze can be chosen, apart from the standard Euro-White finish. The grids can be contoured, flat, or simulated divided light (SDL), while the grid patterns can be colonial, prairie, and diamond.

OKNA Windows gives a limited lifetime warranty for its windows, and exclusions and limitations depend on the type and window materials used.

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