Milgard Windows Replacement

Milgard Windows

Milgard Windows has been delivering high quality windows since 1968 when Gary Milgard decided to start an aluminum window company named Milgard Windows. In 2001, the Masco Corporation acquired Milgard and continued producing windows under the original brand. Currently, Milgard offers a large variety of wood, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum windows.

Milgard Vinyl Windows

Created to respond to every American home’s needs for privacy, protection, and efficiency, Milgard Vinyl Windows can be every homeowner’s dream for high-quality windows.

The Milgard company manufactures three lines of vinyl windows:

  • Tuscany for all vinyl replacement windows
  • Montecito for all vinyl new construction windows
  • Style Line for all vinyl windows with a slim and contemporary look

Milgard has a lot to offer not only in terms of window styles but also in the several configurations available for customers.


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Milgard Vinyl Windows can have different styles, including single hung, double hung, horizontal sliding, double horizontal sliding, picture, casement, awning, jalousie, radius, and bay and bow. All these windows use many of the company’s patented technologies that set them apart from the rest.

First, there is the SmartTouch system that uses easily operable locks and handles, which is beneficial for mobility-impaired people. This is even backed up with the positive action lock that allows the windows to be easily closed and locked in one action. Another is the PureView screen available as an upgrade, which gives a smaller aperture opening for better particle protection, ventilation, and light.

There is also the Quiet Line system that renders the windows impenetrable even to very loud freeways and airport sounds. The SunCoat and SunCoat Max use high-performance low emissivity glass that can reduce UV penetration up to 85% and can prevent too much solar heat gain. These several qualities make vinyl windows from Milgard above the rest.

Of course, customers will appreciate the various customization options available for them; they can have a window of any size, finish, grille type, glass, and any configuration they want.

Essence Series Wood Windows from Milgard Windows

This series consist in fiberglass exterior and wood interior windows, a combination that makes them more durable than the conventional wood windows.

Essence Series Wood Windows by Milgard WindowsThe exterior is well protected but at the same time has the classical high-quality wood look on the interior. You can choose between multiple interior finishes like primed wood, Douglas fir or pine. The series also incorporates an advanced water management system which assures that not a single drop of water reaches the nicely finished wood. On the outside, you have an option of more than 15 colors to chose from. All windows come with a powder-coated exterior, a proprietary process that renders the window resistant to scratches and gouges.

Essence Series Wood Windows

Essence Series Wood WindowsPer WindowPer Window Installed
Double Hung Windows$255 – $400$410 – $565
Sliding Windows$195 – $280$330 – $435
Casement Windows$270 – $355$430 – $535
Awning Windows$190 – $275$305 – $455
Fixed Frame Windows$165 – $245$285 – $355

Milgard Window Prices

When it comes to buying replacement windows, price is really a make-or-break matter. But if you consider the many benefits you and your family can get from high-quality windows, the expense will definitely be worth every cent.

Milgard Windows prices its window products higher than some because of the company’s dedication to quality. They have their own facility for manufacturing the components of the windows, from the hardware and frames to the insulating glass. Since everything is factory-made, the prices can be quite high, but there are still factors playing in the tag game. Of course, every specification changed by the customer can add up to the final price, and things like low-E glass, transparent screens, finishes, and sound-reduction glass are not inexpensive to make. Include here the tear out of the old windows, the installation, and the number of windows to be installed, then there should be no surprises on how the price is established.

Quality Milgard Windows

Quality windows are a huge necessity if you reside in areas frequented by storms, strong winds, and other untoward calamities. But to have quality windows now means that you need to shell out thousands of dollars in order to have the decent specifications you need and the installation finished.

Price is a real determinant of how far you are willing to have those good qualities like low-E glass, triple glazing, transparent screen, warm-edge spacers, and many others. Like other high-end companies, Milgard Windows pricing can be a little on the expensive side, since the company upholds its commitment for windows with quality, beauty, and performance. If you are not running on a budget, you can surely go all out for all those specs, but if the belt is tight, you can still get the basic good qualities at the right price.