Mercer Windows Reviews

Mercer Windows RoomMercer WindowsWith experience comes credibility. This may be true with companies and services that have been around for decades providing superior services and products, and because the consumers are explicably satisfied with what these companies offer, they have been praised and shared with other communities. Ultimately, the companies’ credibility is built and strengthened by customers that prove their likeable practice when it comes to providing for the people. Many companies are after profit and gain but there are others that choose service and quality as their priority. For over 80 years, Mercer Windows has continued giving consumers what they deserve: high quality, well-developed home improvement systems.

Because Mercer knows how valuable homes are, they see to it that their products are top of the line in quality and performance. One of the places built with Mercer Windows is the Portland Memorial Coliseum, also known as The Glass Palace.

Mercer Windows was founded in 1926 by Harold Mercer. He built Mercer Steel Company, which was devoted first to fabricating steel bars. Later after being established, it expanded and started manufacturing windows, doors, and other home improvement materials made of steel. In 1945, the fully modernized steel fabrication plant was built in Portland. Two years after, the company was forced to again expand (in a positive way) due to the increased need for houses and buildings such as schools and hospitals. This expansion led Mercer Steel Company to innovate and to develop new products, and improve its workforce. Several years later, Mercer Windows introduced the use of aluminum for house windows as well as for other commercial buildings. Until now, Mercer Windows is built for optimum performance quality, combining the sturdiest of frames and the clearest of glass.

Mercer Windows Types

Mercer Windows are of different types, depending on the function and performance:

  • Triple Pane Windows – also known as the 830 Series is Mercer’s most efficient, energy-saving windows. You can choose from double or triple panes (the R5 Series); these windows are capable of resisting extreme weather conditions (can stand against winds of about 182-190 mph) and controlling sound (Acoustical Windows, perfect for houses in urban areas or those near noisy places).
  • Vinyl Windows – are great replacement windows for old aluminum because of their durability and beauty. These windows come in a slim frame for maximum view and in a fuller frame that offers strength and security.
  • Performance Vinyl – wind resistance at its best. These windows are pressure equalized to remain sturdy even when hit by strong winds.
  • Wood Windows – available in fir or alder, these windows can be customized to match your home style.

Other windows distributed by Mercer are Vinyl Patio Doors and Garden Windows. Mercer Windows are available for horizontal sliders, single hung, picture, and geometric windows. They also offer different types of glass such as Low-e glass with exceptional thermal performance without sacrificing the amount of light entering the room. Specialty glass (Obscure Glass TM) offers privacy. Neat Glass TM for easy cleaning and reduction of water spots. Preserve TM is another innovation – a translucent coating that protects your windows from scratch. Another innovation is called Little Tot Window Device, which is developed to protect your children from falling out the window.

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