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Marvin Windows


Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows started in an area where lumber was readily available. Realizing the opportunity around 1912, George Marvin founded the Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company and with a golden heart and honest disposition, his name has become recognizable throughout Warroad, Minnesota.

Winter time around the region was not favorable and to keep the company running, ideas from one employee to another, and eventually to George Marvin’s son, Bill. The lumberyard then started making wood products from door frames to ammunition boxes during World War II. As the number of people who needed employment grew, Bill, as good-hearted as his father was, thought of providing jobs and established Marvin Windows and Doors. With a competitive strategy and quality wood windows and patio doors, Bill’s company was a success. In the 1960’s, the company expanded and reached the Midwest and the 1970’s marked the decade of company growth in sales and employment and first international customer. The 70’s was also a decade of loss as George Marvin, at the age of 94, passed away. The family believed that everyone should get an opportunity to succeed and because of this mindset and treatment towards other people, success was not hard to reach.

Starting 1980’s, Marvin Windows and Doors ventured into modern designs and innovations to satisfy their customers. One of the major development was the establishment of Signature Services unit that deals with the most difficult custom designs encountered by the company. They are the first to offer all windows designed with Low emissivity glass and standard aluminum-clad finish. The Integrity Series from Marvin Windows are made of fiberglass for added durability. Aside from these innovations, Marvin also holds several patents for windows accessories and hardware such as folding handles and covers, sliding door mounting and locking systems, position maintainer for sash and many others.

Marvin Windows and Doors established two subsidiaries namely Integrity Windows and Doors, which manufacture high-performance windows made of fiberglass, and Infinity Windows and Doors, which specializes on Ultrex(R) replacement windows for low-maintenance, superior performing windows.

Marvin Window Types

  • Double hung windows – Several series are under this window type but they generally offer similar features. The windows have an integrated tilt lock for easy cleaning (by removing sash). They are made with One-lite Low-e argon insulating glass or choose StormPlusTM, an impact glass for those that experience heavy winds and rain. To add more flair and strength, the Signature Solutions unit can install Ogee lugs in wood or clad.
  • Casement and Awning Windows – These windows are available as cranking, push-out or venting picture. Aside from offering energy-saving features and maximum ventilation, they also feature easy opening/locking systems. Made from wood (interior) and aluminum clad exteriors, this type combines toughness and class.
  • Glider Windows – This window has a mechanism that automatically locks the window once it is closed. It is also available in Low-e glass, StormPlusTM and specialty glass.
  • Tilt Turn and Hopper Windows – This window can be swung open like a door or tilted for maximum ventilation. The window is designed like a door, with a single handle that operates both movements. Because of its size and full glass design, the full light enters the room and it can also function as an egress.
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Other Marvin Window Types

  • Marvin Bay and Bow Windows
  • Marvin Special Shape Windows
  • Marvin Round Top Windows

Marvin Windows offer high-quality products with special warranty: 10-year warranty that the windows will be defect-free and a 20-year warranty for insulating glass.

You can look at detailed pricing information tables for all Types Marvin Windows costs in the cost section of the site.