MariTech Windows


Maritech WindowsDedicated to making a difference in American homes, MariTech Windows is a 2007-established company owned and operated by a family with fifty years of combined experience in the home improvement industry.

They have a 140,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Carrollton, Texas, but they supply their window products to all US states. The company was awarded a certificate for green manufacturing by the National Association of Home Builders, making them a business that promotes energy saving and preservation of natural resources.

MariTech Windows Styles

See how your life can be better with these window styles from MariTech Windows:

Like other window companies, MariTech ensures the performance of their windows. Their windows received Grade 50 rating for forced entry resistance tests from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Although these windows are made of vinyl, they are designed to compete with aluminum-made windows. Also, maintenance is never a hassle because the bottom sash can be dissembled for easy wiping and cleaning.

There are several good features incorporated into these windows. First, they use the block and tackle system, which means that the sashes of the windows move effortlessly and will never need readjustment. Strength and insulation are provided by the double-wall frame used, while leak protection is owed to the dual weatherstripping. When it comes to security, these windows have heavy-duty locks and keepers, and they are not deprived of innovative features because they use the warm-edge spacer for insulation and thermal performance, as well as the sloped sill for draining.

Customers have several customization options for their windows. For instance, single-hung windows can be installed with an optional field mullion, insect screen, drywall pass-through window, or any kind of quality glass: tinted, Low-E, obscure, and tempered.
Additionally, customers can opt to have geometric or architectural shapes for their windows or optional three-quarter grids between the glass. Available colors are white, clay, and almond.

For adventurous households wanting to have a different shape for a window, MariTech has a list of shape and size options offered. Customers can have half eyebrow, full eyebrow, continuous jamb, bulls-eye, octagon, hexagon, and continuous eyebrow as basic shapes. There are also several choices for arch-type and quarter-circle windows. All these windows are thermally efficient and help households save on cooling and heating costs.

Maintaining the windows manufactured by MariTech is generally trouble-free. Since these are vinyl, mild dishwashing liquid or detergent will do. Using harsh abrasives on the vinyl material, sill, sashes, tracks, and weeps is not advised. The quality glass used for the windows will not easily collect dust and dirt, but when they do, a damp cloth will be sufficient to remove the accumulated surface dust.

Confident about the performance and quality of its products, MariTech Windows gives a lifetime warranty for the vinyl frame and sash members, insulating glass, and hardware. Lifetime warranty is only given to individual residential owners, but commercial establishments also receive a generous twenty years of warranty starting from the date of installation of the product.

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