HR Windows Review

The company HR Windows is a division of Atrium Windows Co and has always been a prominent producer of windows and doors that have been mostly, if not purely, created from high-quality aluminum. Their business is basically well-known throughout the whole of the Southeast of the United States of America, as well as in the heart of Texas.

H-R Windows - division of Atrium WindowsWhat’s different about this company is that it has not expanded its range via several branches across the country. Instead, it operates by two, main centers that are located in Sanford, Florida, and Dallas, Texas. Through these distribution and production bases, the enterprise has been able to deliver its merchandise to over 400 Home Depot outlets nationwide. These timely disbursements assure customers that the fixtures of their choice are always at hand from morning until night. For the convenience and entertainment of clients, special orders are entertained, specifically when it comes to the style and construction of the home-improvement merchandise.

The manufacturer’s windows and doors are available by series, depending on the region where the client is residing or decides to purchase his fixtures, namely:

Region I

  • Series 800 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 600 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 550 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 500 Single Hung with Thermal Break
  • Series 375 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 350 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 301 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 300 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 225 Single Hung Windows
  • Series 4000 Aluminum Patio Door

Region II

  • Series 2500 Single Hung Windows
  • Series M 51 Impact Single Hung Windows
  • Series M 41 Impact Single Hung Windows
  • Series RW 4 Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Series RW 5 Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Series 5000 Sliding Glass Doors
  • Series 3000 Sliding Glass Doors
  • Series 2000 Sliding Glass Doors
  • Series MP 4 Impact Sliding Glass Door
  • Series MP 5 Impact Sliding Glass Door

HR Windows products are well-known for their practical functions with a touch of elegance. As most of the fixtures are made from premium-grade aluminum, the windows and doors are designed to be corrosion- and moisture-resistant. It repels water, moisture, air, contributing to its ability to avoid shrinkage, rusting, warping, etc. Users are assured that their purchases and their quality will last for a lifetime. Best of all, all items feature an enamel coat, which makes them look more classical and beautiful. Furthermore, the merchandise can be customized in terms of the color, shape, and arrangement of dividers and grids.

To ensure that the glass stays securely between the window panes, conductive spacers are installed at the tight corners of the aluminum grids. These have been designed to resist the changes of temperature, particularly during extreme hot- and cold-weather conditions. This special feature will make sure that the air stays outside by dramatically decreasing the levels of condensation via a technology called the Low-E Glass.

What’s great about the HR Windows is that it provides its customers with high-grade fixtures at a very affordable price. It does not, in any way, compromise its fees with the quality and durability of the product.

The company provides its clients with a two-year warranty that covers any deformity or installation problems that the business has made with the fixtures’ construction, durability, material, and quality. However, any natural factors, such as condensation, color changes, mildews, and molds, are not included in the guarantee. The same is true for improper use and treatment of the client to the windows or doors.

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