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Hayfield Windows InstallHayfield WindowsSince its construction in Minnesota on 1951, the Hayfield Window & Door Company has always served its customers by providing them with aluminum storm fixtures, which are meant to last for a lifetime. Back then, the company had only twenty pairs of helping hands, as well as an average-sized, 10,000-square-foot foundation.

It was in 1977 that the company truly bloomed, when the father-son duo, Maynard and Dick Rouhoff, bought the whole industry. From its starting foundation of 10,000 square feet, the business was transferred to a different location in Hayfield, Minnesota, measuring at about 140,000 square feet. It employed over 150 people, including the corporate offices of Hayfield.

As of today, the Hayfield Windows company has continued to stretch its borders, particularly in the Midwest. Its work philosophy, which focuses on performance, support, service, and quality, as well as its excellent operations and ethics in the house improvement industry, has made it one of the best in the country.

Hayfield Windows Options

With decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to home improvement, Hayfield Windows has managed to come up with a series of products that will satisfy the needs of customers, as well as the interior and exterior design of any house. The styles of windows and doors, which interested clients may choose from, are as follows:

  • Northern Classics Windows
  • Northern Classics Patio Doors
  • Vinyl Classics Casement
  • Vinyl Classics Single Hung
  • Vinyl Classics Double Hung
  • Vinyl Classics Sliders
  • Vinyl Classics Patio Doors
  • Custom Windows
  • Custom Doors

Environmentally Friendly, Attention To Detail, and Many Options

What makes the Hayfield Windows stand out from the other brands is that it promotes a greener environment by using recycled materials to create its products. This is true when a certain material needs to be made from glass, wood, steel, plastic, cardboard, or aluminum. It even salvages the remaining ink cartridges if stained and colored windows are requested by clients. It is also equipped with user-friendly features, which makes maintaining and utilizing the fixtures easier and more fun.

Great and careful attention is given to both the exterior and interior designs of each window or door. In terms of interior fashion, a customer may choose from a vinyl finish, which offers an assortment of color combinations and grainy textures, or a wood touch, which provides a variety of raw and durable materials, including oak, maple, pine, and cherry. A client is also given the option to choose his or her preferred style and color of the internal grid, such as Prairie, Colonial, and Custom.

The exterior design, on the other hand, provides the customer with eight, different colors to choose from. This will also involve the thickness of each paint glaze, as well as seven, coat finishes that will protect the style from the usual wear-and-tear, especially from exposure to various weather and climate changes. For those interested in traditional-looking fixtures, a Simulated Divided Lites or SDL feature is always available upon request.

When it comes to the outward appearance of each window and door, the Hayfield Windows has provided their potential clients with a variety in the shape, including elliptical, transom, half-round, quarter-round, and trapezoid forms, among others. There is also a choice in terms of extensions, especially if a customer wants the fixture to be equipped with Jamb and J-trim expansions for a more elegant and complete look.

The materials that have been used to create the windows and doors are of premium quality, making sure that the fixture will last for a lifetime. The vinyl and PVC extensions have been tried and tested to guarantee the customer of a high-grade product. Both are sure to withstand corrosion, chipping, and blistering, as well as the effects of salt air.

The company, nevertheless, has offered each user and potential customer a twenty-year warranty for the replacement of glass, plus another limited warranty for the service that involves hardware and vinyl substitution. This warranty holds for all products of the Hayfield Window & Door Company.

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