Guardian Windows Reviews

Guardian Windows Dining room InstallGuardian WindowsThe Guardian Windows & Conservatories Ltd. was born more than 15 years in Tamworth. Since then it has been creating high-quality windows and doors supplying the needs of homeowners in Tamworth and Midlands. The company has proven its credibility and reliability in supplying premium quality replacement windows. Customers are satisfied because they get value for the money they invested on the windows they bought. It is the growing customer satisfaction that keeps the company competitive and growing throughout the years.

UPVC Windows

The windows that the company produces are made of UPVC material crafted by popular manufacturers like Rehau and Shield. The windows supplied are directly fitted to ensure are a perfect fit. The customers are also offered a variety of finishes and models that they can choose from. The manufacture and delivery of the customized window are relatively quick. Your window is installed two to four weeks after your inquiry.

Aesthetically Pleasing Windows

The windows that the Guardian & Conservatories Ltd. offers are fashionable, eye-catching, and glamorous. The premium quality windows enhance the sight of your home or building, whether it is new or newly refurbished. Two standard features of the Guardian window are hidden drainage and the grove on the frame. Other key features of the window are as follows;

  • It provides at least 18 beautiful hues as options
  • It offers profiles measuring 24mm or 28mm
  • It is glazed internally
  • Its furniture can either be white, black, silver or bronze
  • It has a bead etched in the window
  • It is equipped with a locking system that is extra safe and secured
  • It has a low maintenance

Guardian & Conservatories Ltd. Benefits

The Guardian & Conservatories Ltd. offers its customers the following benefits:

  • The window fitters undergo rigorous training and have to be certified installers being absorbed by the company and sent to its customers.
  • The sales representatives also get special training on product estimation as you get value for your money.
  • All the employees of the company undergo background checks to ensure that they are drug-free and crime-free.
  • The company adopts straightforward pricing wherein after a thorough inspection. All the work needed is included in the base price.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, as well as the services.

The Guardian Windows come in different types and designs, which include the casement window, the bay and bow window, the slider window, the picture window, and the double-hung window.

The choices of materials offered for these windows vary. The regular ones include wood, vinyl, aluminum, fibrex, and fiberglass. The least favored of these materials is aluminum because it provides less energy efficient than the others. The window styles include multiple shade panes, removable grids, curved or transom window frames, and assorted beautiful colors.

Guardian & Conservatories Ltd. offers long-term warranty coverage. It also provides a complete array of repair and installation services for both residential and commercial structures. This includes window replacement and home or building energy efficiency.

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