Don Young Windows Reviews

Don Young Windows Exterior InstallDonyoung WindowsEstablished back in 1978 in Texas and the South, the Don Young Co. has been producing custom-built windows for home building or home improvement purposes. Being familiar with the harsh weather of the south, the company knows how to build high-quality windows from the best vinyl and aluminum. The windows are distributed to company-owned branches in Lubbock, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. Don Young windows are being sold through selected dealers, which are also able to perform the installation, as well.

Don Young Co. is a wholesale manufacturing business that is owned and managed by one family.

Range of Windows Available

Don Young Co. specializes in aluminum windows. It manufactures aluminum windows with thermal breaks, which means that there is a space between the outer and inner layers. Other aluminum windows may not have thermal breaks; some may have thinner breaks or the layers may not align.

The company offers Don Young windows from the series 8200. These windows can withstand even dry ice. The usual aluminum windows will immediately frost under such conditions.

While there may be a focus on strength, Don Young Co. also produces beautiful windows that a homeowner can proudly showcase in his or her place. The company also can provide windows of different styles, including picture Windows or fixed-lite, casement windows, single hung, single slider, double-hung and double slider. According to Don Young Co., these types of windows are arranged according to the best to worst in terms of resisting air and water infiltration.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

The aluminum used in Don Young windows is extra durable and the design allows for a space between the outer and inner layers. The material itself can withstand extreme weather from severe heat to freezing temperatures. The people behind Don Young Windows are familiar with what extreme temperatures can do and so they design their windows with the weather of the South in mind. So, homeowners can be assured that they will be getting windows that can withstand the extreme changes in temperatures.

Don Young Windows are also not just strong and durable but also able to reduce sound and conserve energy. For busy homeowners who also want to stick to a budget, these windows are well-recommended because they do not require close maintenance.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

Interested homeowners should call Don Young Co. to schedule a visit from a company representative. That representative will be taking a look at the home and where the windows will be installed to be able to come up with a quotation. There are windows for every kind of budget.

Homeowners can buy Don Young Windows now and then pay later. There are several ways to pay. There is a deferred payment. This means that the homeowner does not pay during the first three months after installment. There are also zero-interest loans with a payment duration that ranges from 90 days to 4 years.

Care & Warranty Information

The products are assured to require no maintenance. That is the guarantee given by Don Young Co.

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