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Creative Windows Exterior InstallCreative WindowsCreative Window Co. has been around for at least fifteen years. It currently advertises itself as having a 15 year track record of customer satisfaction. Because of more than a decade of great track record, buyers can be assured that Creative Windows will have the quality that they need from products that are supposed to be protecting them from the elements but also still providing a feeling of airiness.

Range of Windows Available

Creative windows provide buyers with an option so that they do not have to settle with their old, battered windows. They can choose from a wide range of replacement windows from Creative, instead. Creative windows include some energy-saving ones in vinyl.
Buyers do not have to go anywhere else to have a choice of all the window types and configurations. Windows are available in aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Window types available are single hung, double hung, awnings, casements, sliders, bay windows, greenhouse windows, bay windows, and sliding glass windows.

Because of the wide range of windows available from Creative, buyers can choose windows for all the rooms in their house. They may even choose windows for their cabinets. Not only are there several types of windows in terms of material and type but there are also Creative windows for almost all types of budgets. So, you most likely will find the windows that will suit your home’s style while also fitting into your budget.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

As mentioned earlier, there is a window for almost all sorts of budgets. So buyers can expect that there will be several price brackets available. The prices will, of course, depend on window materials and types. For a prospective purchaser to find out just how much he or she has to pay, a free call to Creative Window Company is advised. Again, the call costs nothing. There will be an in-home estimate. This means someone from the company will be looking at the home where the windows will be installed to be able to accurately provide a price. Buyers can call (408) 297-8800 for free estimates. A call can be made through Skype.

Creative windows are affordable but they may also come with additional promos. Buyers who prefer the company to their friends, family, and neighbors can get $50 each. There are also special promotions, such as the $2,995 whole home special. Basically, this just means that the buyer can have all the windows in their home replaced and they only have to pay $2,995. They only need to ask what types of windows are included in the promo. For buyers who choose to go with more expensive windows, a purchase of $3,995 or more will land them special offers and rebates from Energy Star.

Care & Warranty Information

The windows from Creative Window Company are gorgeous to look at but are also very durable. The company guarantees that the windows will last a lifetime. The company will serve its customers from the very moment of installation. The installers are factory certified.

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