Cost of Pella Windows

Cost of Pella WindowsPella-WindowsLike many of their competitors, Pella has created a variety of lines of windows that span across the price spectrum. This is because Pella firmly believes in giving you plenty of choices in order to find just the right product that suits your every need, no matter the project or budget size.

The Cost of Pella Windows

While it’s common to expect price differences between the different window lines and the additional options you choose for your windows, you may be surprised to know that everything from current pricing trends, project size, and even the region you live in can affect your total costs.

In order to get a more accurate estimate for your replacement windows from more than one local contractor. This is also a great opportunity to get a feel for contractors and choose the one you feel most comfortable working with.

Pella 350 Vinyl Series

Window TypePrice Per WindowPer Window Installed
Single Hung$115 - $185$155 - $240
Double Hung$65 - $175$80 - $225
Casement$105 - $350$100 - $385
Awning$90 - $125 $100 - $125
Sliding$95 - $300$115 - $385

Pella 450 Proline Wood Series Pricing

The 450 series is the most energy-efficient vinyl window available from Pela and offers a unique reinforced frame and innovative designs making these windows more durable and incredibly resistant to twisting and flexing ensuring that your seals stay weathertight for years to come, helping you to save on heating and cooling costs year after year.

Window TypePrice Per WindowPer Window Installed
Double Hung$145 - $235$180 - $300
Casement$215 - $320$270 - $400
Awning$115 - $200$140 - $265

Pella 750 Designer Wood Series Pricing

The Proline series windows are generally made to order and the factory-assembled combinations give you the flexibility of nearly unlimited design options. This is Pella’s most budget-friendly line offered.

Window TypePrice Per WindowPer Window Installed
Double Hung$320 - $1,020$410 - $1,325
Casement$420 - $1,630$400 - $950
Awning$320 - $720$400 - $950

Pella Encompass Vinyl Series

There are a number of features and options that set the 750 Designer Series apart from the rest including triple-pane glass for unsurpassed energy efficiency and improved sound control. One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose the 750 series is the snap-in option, which allows you to open the interior pane and change the shades, panels, or blinds between the glass panes.

Window TypePrice Per WindowPer Window Installed
Single Hung$100 - $215$125 - $190
Double Hung$125 - $245$155- $300
Awning$75 - $100$100 - $125
Sliding$90 - $300$115 - $385
Casement$120 - $345$155 - $450

Pella Impervia Fiberglass Series

One of Pella’s most affordable lines, these windows were designed to offer quality and performance at an excellent value. With several grill profiles and patterns, high-quality hardware, and glass options available, designing the windows of your dreams is easier than ever with this series.

Window TypePrice Per WindowPer Window Installed
Single Hung$115 - $225$190 - $300
Double Hung$150 - $255$190 - $330
Awning$95 - $215$120 - $275
Sliding$125 - $400$160 - $520
Casement$130 - $435$175 - $575

The Pella Impervia Series are a fiberglass window with the appearance of painted wood, giving you the wood look without the maintenance wood requires. Energy efficiency and a number of style options for just the right customization you’ve been looking for, these durable and attractive windows are a great fit in all weather environments.

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