Continental Windows Reviews

Continental Windows Living RoomContinental WindowsContinental Window & Glass, Inc is family-owned and established since 1989. The company specializes in high-quality windows and doors, which is continuously aimed to become representative of lightweight American style PVC. Even the facility that houses the creation of these Continental Windows and Continental doors are made with the best of German and Italian manufacturing industry. So, buyers can be assured that the products are manufactured in a secure area that is specially built for such a process.

Range of Windows Available

There are a number of Continental Windows available. Here they are according to types:

Double Hung Windows

These are made of two sashes that move up and down that tilt-in for easy cleaning. Their mainframe is welded tight. There are anti-lift blocks that prevent the removal of the sashes.

Picture Windows

These windows are available in both standard and custom colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be combined with double-hung, casements, and even patio doors. Continental picture windows.

Slider Windows

These windows offer the owners a clear and wide view of the outside, as well as the inside, wherever the watcher’s position is. The Continental picture windows are available in two or three-lite configurations.

Casement & Awning

These windows are hung vertically but hinged on the side. So, the movement is outward or inward. These are ideal for cabinets or for windows with multiple locks.

Bay & Bow Windows

With bay and bow windows, visual space is extended. The glass is 7/8 inch thick, allowing proper heat insulation. These windows are also available in colonial and prairie styles.

Glass Block Windows

For those who want security, privacy, and protection from outside noise, glass block windows are recommended. Although these windows are very thick, they also let natural light in.

Brand Benefits / Innovations / Differentiators

So why should buyers go for Continental windows? Well, these windows are made of high-quality glass and are customized according to the special needs or requirements of the buyers. Made from superior manufacturing technology, these windows can also be fun being available in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Window Costs / Price Brackets

With more than a decade of a perfect record in selling windows, Continental Window and glass must be selling products at reasonable prices. Potential customers should call the company to get a quote on the type of continental windows that they prefer.

Care & Warranty Information

Continental windows come with a lifetime limited warranty. For the basic window unit, the company assures the buyer that the product does not come with any defects that may have resulted from the manufacturing process. For the insulated glass unit, there is a ten-year warranty included that assures that the windows will not allow dust collection, film formation, and material obstruction to form between the glass surfaces if the window is subjected to normal use and conditions. If even during normal use such a collection or formation occurs within ten years after installation, the manufacturer will replace the window at no extra charge. There are conditions, however, that are beyond the manufacturer’s control, such as extreme temperature changes and humidity levels.

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