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Comfort Windows

Comfort WindowsThe very name of the brand suggests a homey atmosphere. Comfort Windows, after all, is offered by a man who started his business from his own home in 1979. The name of his company is called Comfort Window, Inc. Bill Putzer, Jr. did not just sell windows from his own home; he also installed and serviced. Then, his company expanded so that he was able to hire staff members who are now in charge of the sales, installation, and other services. Putzer had also opened a store in Syracuse.

In 1983, Putzer elicited the help of his parents to launch Galaxy Manufacturing Co. to be in charge of producing exclusive products for Comfort Windows. This window manufacturing facility turned out to be a great idea because Comfort Windows has a hand on its products from the very conception. In 1986, the company experienced further success evident in its Rochester, NY store. At that time, Comfort Windows started offering doors, siding, and sunrooms, too.

Good decisions and further expansions had seen Comfort Windows getting awards such as the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Excellence. The company is now serviced by 90 trucks and helped by 200 people across the state of New York. The company is able to retain the reputation of being The Name You Know. The People You Trust.

Range of Windows Available

All Comfort Windows products are handcrafted and specially made for the brand by Galaxy Manufacturing Co. So, all the windows are built to withstand harsh conditions and drastic changes in temperatures. All carry a Full Coverage Lifetime Comfort Manufacturers Warranty.

There are three ranges or series a buyer can choose from. The Comfort Signature Advantage is a series that include windows with superior features that should make them the best options in terms of vinyl replacement windows. Comfort Premier Plus and Comfort Premier are also great choices. The three vary in terms of materials used and in pricing.

Brand Benefits/Innovations/Differentiators

Comfort Windows is based in New York. So, the company’s windows should be compatible with the weather in the state. The company owns the corporation that manufactures its windows so it can specify the quality that it is going for.

Window Costs & Price Brackets

The windows are usually advertised as being within the reasonable bracket. The buyer can also request the information from the company itself using its website’s form. He or she can specify what type of window he or she is looking for. Someone will come to the buyer’s home at a date he or she prefers to see where the windows would be installed. That visit should also be a way to determine the final pricing. Some of the windows can get pretty expensive, at $700 each but there are also different types to choose from, some of which are cheaper.

Care & Warranty Information

Comfort Windows’ products come with a Full Coverage Lifetime Comfort Manufacturer’s Warranty. So, consumers can expect great service and assistance throughout their lives with the windows.

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