Colonial Windows

Colonial-WindowsColonial windows refer to symmetrically designed, multi-paned windows that provide a great view of the outside. In one window sash, there are most likely nine or twelve panes.

Most of these windows are tall and somewhat imposing. This is not such a surprise considering that the styles were usually associated with windows in institutional buildings such as that of churches and government houses. However, there are also some round colonial windows for those with slightly different tastes. Not surprisingly, based on the name of the type of window itself, one can imagine the usual style of windows used during the 1700s in New England and in the South.
Colonial window shutters come with movable slats, which are called louvers. Louvers are usually one inch wide.

History of Colonial Windows

As mentioned earlier, colonial windows have their beginnings during the 18th century in colonies such as in New England and in the Southern states. Usually, the front of a colonial house will have five windows of the same size. Colonial windows are inspired by the designs that the Britons came with during those times. However, the design apparently was older. The Britons were also inspired by the Italian Renaissance and even from the styles used in Rome and Ancient Greece.

Benefits of Colonial Windows

Today, the homeowner who is going for a general colonial style will, of course, want colonial windows to complete the look. In a neighborhood where the houses are modern in design, the colonial-styled house will be unique and perhaps even the center of attention.
Colonial windows can also be functional. Their style is usually chosen for houses located in cooler. However, they may also be used in warmer climates. This is because a colonial window is good at controlling temperature. The slats in a colonial window are short and narrow, thereby protecting the homeowner and his family from the harsh weather outside. Today, in warmer climates, the colonial window can still be very useful. It can provide both privacy and strong security to property. It can also filter the noise coming from outside, reducing the impact.

A colonial window is perfect if the homeowner desires both security and privacy and also wants to keep the temperature inside controlled, whether the house is located in a cold area or in a warm one.

When planning to go with the colonial style with the windows and maybe even the whole house, the homeowner must consider the material. Colonial windows can be made of wood or faux wood. The shutters should be dusted weekly using a feather duster. So, the homeowner must also be committed to this type of maintenance.

Also, the homeowner must also think about the style itself. Is the colonial-style one that he or she feels can best represent his or her personality? If not concerned about the style’s implications, the homeowner can just focus on more practical criteria, such as budget and the amount of security that the windows can provide.

Popular brands that sell colonial-styled windows include Pella, Marvin, and Rochester Colonial.

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