Clearview Windows Reviews


Clearview WindowsDedicated to providing discount windows to its customers, Clearview Windows has come a long way with its thirty years of experience in providing window replacement services. The company was founded by Roger Mullins, and today it continues to innovate and be at par with other companies in the home improvement industry. They are much proud of their Vista windows, the ones offering beauty and quality at the same time. To date, the company has four offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Houston, and New Orleans.

Clearview Windows Styles

Clearview Windows USA has its own list of window styles to offer:

  • Clearview Sliding Windows
  • Clearview Double Hung Windows
  • Clearview Single Hung Windows
  • Clearview Casement Windows
  • Clearview Awning Windows

One characteristic that sets Clearview Windows apart from its competition is the ability to provide affordable windows without sacrificing quality. It manufactures windows that are energy-efficient, meaning they all comply with the Energy Star requirements. Also, all windows have one inch of insulated glass to prevent the elements and noise from entering. Three-quarter-inch stainless steel provides force counterbalance for the windows, while the virgin, dual-sheered vinyl frames add durability to the construction.

Furthermore, Clearview Windows uses an electrostatic fiberglass mesh screen, 180-degree cam locks made of steel to prevent break-ins, and a sloped sill to drain water freely outside of the window. Cleaning these windows is not an issue either, since their sashes and sliders can be easily tilted. Also, their sashes and frames, as well as other metal elements, are fusion welded, making the construction even stronger. Other security features included in the windows are synthetic woodpile weatherstripping, pivot bar locking system, and integrated pocket interlock sash.

Like other high-end windows, these from Clearview Windows utilize the Super Spacer warm-edge technology, which allows the windows to be operated easily. The quality of the windows was checked and verified by the AAMA, so grades in air filtration, water resistance, and structural load all passed the industry’s standards. The windows use high-quality glass resistant to scratches and can break down dirt and dust particles to make these impurities easily rinseable by rain. Because these windows are made from vinyl, they do not chip, rot, or warp.

Clearview Windows also offers some optional configurations for their products. Customers can have the glass of the windows with blinds in-between them for better privacy. The glass can be beveled or etched or can be triple pane R7 or R10 depending on the level of noise insulation they want. There are seventy-two custom color combinations to choose from, and there are twelve exterior and six interior colors available. For additional beauty, equal light sashes can be installed, and for the protection of mechanical parts, balance and dust covers can serve as additional protection.

Products from Clearview Windows are custom-measured and custom-manufactured per customers’ needs. All materials are USA-made to ensure optimum quality, and all windows purchased come with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Also, there is a separate lifetime warranty for glass breakage.

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