Clear Choice Windows

Clear Choice Windows HomeClear Choice WindowsClear Choice Windows is one of the largest home improvement and window replacement companies operating in North
America. Located in Des Moines, Iowa, this company provides quality vinyl windows to more than seventy marketplaces in the US, targeting a wide customer-base for its windows that boast superior craftsmanship and admirable appearance.

Aside from providing free estimates and consultation, the company offerings include windows with attractive design and optional finishes, tilt-in windows that are easy to clean, peace-of-mind window options, and convenient in-home shopping for consumers.

Clear Choice Windows’s list of window styles:

  • Clear Choice Double Hung Windows
  • Clear Choice Sliding Windows
  • Clear Choice Casement Windows
  • Clear Choice Bay and Bow Windows
  • Clear Choice Garden Windows

Purchasing vinyl replacement windows from Clear Choice Windows means that you have quality infused together from all top suppliers of window materials. It has partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to provide clients with superior-quality windows that are worth every cent. Windows made by Clear Choice Windows use 100% un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride, an inch-thick of insulated glass, cam-style lock mechanisms for security, equal visible glass sightlines, double- or triple-layer Low Emissivity glass, warm-edge glass spacers, and argon or krypton gas for insulation. In short, all of these windows are energy efficient, letting homeowners cut energy costs. Also, they provide optimum security and protection for the home, not to mention unparalleled privacy provided by noise-filtering inert gas filled into the windows.

When it comes to options, these windows also have a lot to give. Customers can opt for tempered glass, which can be another safety feature as this type of glass does not easily break. Colonial and diamond grids are available, and for the finish, simulated wood finish is optional for the interior, while polymer color finish is for the exterior.

Clear Choice Windows is dedicated to providing affordable windows to its wide clientele. These windows start at a price of $185 per window, and this already includes installation. However, price can still vary depending on the state or location of the customer, or whether the windows are for residential or commercial use. The company gives cost-free estimates and no-obligation product demonstrations, so homeowners can definitely gauge the quality of the windows right away. Moreover, the company only has highly trained installers, who know well how customers value their home. Since the windows are custom-measured to client specifications, there is no need for great wall altering; the work area around the window is also cleaned before the installers leave the home. These promises are some of the qualities that differentiate Clear Choice Windows from other replacement window providers.

One great distinction this company has is that it offers all its products with a warranty of 50 years from the period of installation. In case of property transfer, the original owner must deliver a transfer fee of $50 to the company’s office within a 30-day period. A copy of the warranty agreement and original purchase agreement is necessary. Once the property has been transferred to a subsequent owner, the 50-year warranty is reduced to ten, starting from the original purchase date of the windows.