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Champion Windows Reviews

champion windows

Champion WindowsThe year 1953 started it all for Champion Windows, when the pioneers began manufacturing aluminum storm windows and other home improvement products. The company was the first one to create vinyl replacement windows in the market, and in 2000, due to continued success, it moved to a 502,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and headquarters. The quality exuded by their products afforded them several awards and recognitions, including the Good Housekeeping Seal in 2003, AAMA Gold Label in 2004, and the Crystal Achievement Award for the Most Innovative Plant in 2008. Aside from being known as the founding member of the National Sunroom Association, Champion Windows was also the one to introduce window technologies like Comfort 360 Glass and ColorBond.

Champion Windows’s exclusive window styles:

  • Champion Double Hung Windows
  • Champion Casement Windows
  • Champion Slider Windows
  • Champion Picture Windows
  • Champion Bay Windows
  • Champion Bow Windows
  • Champion Garden Windows
  • Champion Shaped Windows
  • Champion Vinyl Sliding Windows

Champion windows are very distinct because they are made of energy-efficient glass that uses the Comfort 360 technology. It is a patented system that helps keep the home safe from ultraviolet lights and other harmful elements from the outside. It actually prevents 95% of these harmful rays from passing through, so drapes, furniture, and carpets do not easily fade. In addition, Comfort 360 glass is much preferable as it keeps hot air in and cold air out depending on the season, so winters and summers become comfortable for the entire family. This kind of innovative glass material makes an eco-friendly and energy-saving home.

The ColorBond system is another innovation in these windows; it allows customers choose the particular window frame color right for their home. These windows are perfect for historic homes and tudor-style homes, and the best thing is that these classic colors will never go outdated. The manufacture of ColorBond windows produces low volatile organic compounds or VOC, so they are good for the environment. Also, these are odorless, non-toxic, and non-flammable, making them very safe for the family. Aside from being lead and chromate free, ColorBond windows are resistant to several kinds of solvents, such as window cleaners, acetone, lacquer thinner, acid rain, and pollutants.

For homeowners wanting reliable windows, ColorBond windows have everything to offer. One, they use pigments that are EPA compliant and resistant to heat, so the colors remain the same for a long time. Two, they do not easily chip, warp, sag, or distort, and they are resistant to scratches. Three, they passed AAMA’s independent tests for heat reflection, adhesion, abrasion, and fading.

Champion Windows provides different financing options for customers’ window needs. Customers just need to call and discuss with the representative the costs and options available for their situation. When it comes to warranty, since the company believes in the quality of its products, it offers lifetime warranty for materials, glass, installation, and parts. The best thing is that the warranty is transferrable once to a subsequent owner, and it lasts for a year from the sale date of the property to the new owner.