Certainteed Windows

Certainteed Windows

Certainteed WindowsFor over 25 years, CertainTeed is known for being a high-quality brand of vinyl windows and patio doors, recognized by JD Power and Associates in 2006. Today, CertainTeed, striving to be the number one choice of home builders, offers a variety of products such as roofing, vinyl and fiber cement sliding, fiber glass insulation, pipe, fence, deck and railing nationwide. In 2008, a partnership was made by CertainTeed with MI Windows and Doors, making manufacture, marketing, and distribution of its products and services available in the eastern United States, as well as in eastern Canada. CertainTeed proved itself trustworthy and respectable, providing many opportunities for MI’s customers, members and affiliates.

  • CertainTeed Window Products
  • Architectural Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Basement Windows
  • Bow and Bay Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Rolling Patio Doors

The CertainTeed window products differ in their range of styles. For the BrynMawr III series, these include double-hung windows, casement and awnings, slider windows, picture and transom windows, architectural shapes, bay and bow windows, standard French and patio doors, and paintable stainable. The Devon II series offer double-hung windows. The New Castle III series also offer double-hung windows, casement and awnings, slider windows, picture and transom windows, architectural shapes, bay and bow windows and standard French and patio doors. And the NewBridge II features a single hung window. CertainTeed windows have a beautiful look and can bring out a unique character in one’s home. They come in a variety of shapes and can be customized further by multiple grid and color options. The brand also offers a wide selection of glasses to choose from. The home owner can simply check to see which type is best.

  • Green & Clean.
  • Green & Clean Extreme
  • Insulating Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Low E Glass
  • Obscure Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Tinted Glass

Lastly, installment of the product is relatively easy, with the instructions available with the product and on the CertainTeed website.

CertainTeed offers lifetime limited warranty for its window products. Issues discussed in this warranty include labor charges and expenses, property sale, commercial property restrictions, vinyl or composite frame/sash coverage, hardware coverage, standard insulated glass coverage, continuation after repair or replacement of product, and SureStartâ„¢ Protection. Some of the limitations include defects or failures due to improper handling of the product, if the product is painted, varnished over the original vinyl coating, and others. In any case, the owner must notify the contractor or builder who installed the window so that the claim can be investigated thoroughly, and the product examined.

A glass breakage lifetime warranty is offered. Within the guarantee, it is stated that MI Windows and Doors, Inc. shall provide a free unit of sealed glass for the BrynMawr III window, in case it breaks or cracks. This condition is effective as long as the owner lives and owns the CertainTeed product. However, this warranty does not cover shipping and handling expenses, as well as the installation fees.