Century Windows

Century Window InstalledCentury WindowsFor nearly thirty years, Century Windows Ltd has been providing quality products, customer services, and advice. Based in Woking, Surrey, this private business provides good, quality service, specializing in Double Glaze, UPVC, Replacement Windows, Doors, Conservatories, and Roof line products.

Century Windows Ltd offers a variety of window designs, usually aluminum or PVCu, with many finishes, colors, fittings, and glazing types available. A combination of a high standard and the latest innovative technology is employed by the company to manufacture and install these products, making them energy-efficient and very secure.

Century Window Types

The company offers three major types of windows: Casement, French, and Vertical Sliding Sash.

Casement Windows

Classic, elegant, and popular, this type of window is well-suited for every style of home. Century Windows Ltd offers casement windows that are available in a decorative sculptured finish. The company also features replacement windows that complement the home’s style, offer energy-saving double glazing, and provides a comfortable and secure place for the home’s inhabitants. Their UPVC replacement windows last long, need zero maintenance, and offer less energy cost, and complete security. Double glazed and completely sealed, their casement windows give excellent insulation throughout the home and help the homeowner save money for electricity and gas bills, as well as help in environmental protection. All these windows are ‘A’ rated for maximized energy efficiency. They come in elegant colors such as White, Black, Grey, Green, Golden or Irish Oak, Rosewood, and White Ash.

French Windows

An alternative to the casement windows, French windows offer the extra feature of a maximized view, free from being spoiled by an immovable frame. The product is rated ‘A’ in emergency efficiency. This window style is convenient enough to be used as an emergency fire exit in certain openings that do not quite meet some regulations. It is available in beautiful color finishes of White, Black, Grey, Green, Golden or Irish Oak, Rosewood, and White Ash.
Vertical Sliding Sash Windows. This type of window features the unique combination of a traditional look and the advantages of an innovative PVCu system. It is made from the same PVCu systems as the other door and window systems offered by Century Windows Ltd so that they perfectly match. They come with a three-chamber system, a security bar, equal sightlines, decorative horns, rolled-in gasket, among others. The Georgian bar features the beauty of a traditional look and the advantages of a PVCu system. The Vertical Sliding Sash Windows offer a look of timeless elegance.

Century Windows Features

Century Windows Ltd offers the following features that are beneficial to its customers:

  • Tilt and Turn. The design allows inward opening of the window from the side for easy cleaning as well as from the top to provide ventilation.
  • Glazing. All the windows are double glazed and are equipped with WER A-C durable glass. It uses obscure glass when necessary. Laminated glass can be used as an alternative and also adds security.
  • Security. Push-button handles and key locking are used for securing the windows. The opening vents feature shot bolts and mushroom-headed cams. The windows are internally glazed for added security.

Other benefits include handles available in colors of White, Anodized Gold, Black, and Chrome, fire exit openings, and child locks.

Century Windows Ltd offers a warranty of ten years for all their products and an underwritten warranty of ten years with the Consumer Protection Association under the authority and laws governed by the Financial Services Authority. Century Windows Ltd is a FENSA registered company, governed by building rules and regulations.

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