Cellar Windows

Cellar-WindowsCellar windows, popularly known as basement windows, are small types of windows placed in the lower part of the home. Though often overlooked and ignored, it is an essential part of the house, particularly the cellar, where food is stored.

Cellars are very popular in the UK, dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries; most of the homes at that time had cellars. Today, cellars remain prominent in many homes, especially in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cellar windows come in many styles, including awning, hoppers, and even sliding ones. They provide ventilation in the cellar, allowing it to maintain the cool temperature it needs. They also provide good lighting, minimizing energy consumption when the sun is up. There are some with window wells that collect water, regulate its entry and easily divert it to a safe spot.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right cellar windows. Aside from the various styles, materials and prices, four other factors must be considered: the house, grounds, security, and maintenance. Cellar windows to be used should strengthen the house by at least maintaining the strength of the base, if not enhance it. To do so, one must consider the strength that the window brand offers. The type of land outside and around the cellar window also requires serious consideration. It must be sloped away from the window to prevent unnecessary flooding. Security is also important. More often, basement windows are overlooked, making them susceptible to burglars. Make sure that the chosen window is accessible only from the inside and that the quality of the window makes it hard to break by any tool the burglar has. Basement windows need considerable maintenance tasks. The homeowner must check it every now and then, noting cracks, damages, and any other unusual factors that may render the window fit for replacement.

There are two ways to install this type of window. The Do-It-Yourself type is cheaper but needs the time and craftsmanship of a homeowner. Hiring a professional to install it would cost a bit more. Below are some of the most popular brands of cellar windows:

Pella Corporation, founded in1925 as the Rolscreen Company, is known for its disappearing Rolscreen†window screen. The company offers quality residential and commercial merchandise optimal for new construction, remodeling, and replacement projects. One such merchandise is the ThermaStar series, which includes basement hopper windows. The model opens upward and tilts downward for ventilation. It also features a dual sash lock for improved security. The vinyl frame does not require maintenance and does not need repainting. It is available in many sizes with free screens.

Duo-Corp was established in June 1977 in North Lima, Ohio. Their first product was a hopper window with an aluminum basement. Today, they are reputed to have manufactured fifteen basement window products and have a manufacturing capability of 1400 per day. Examples of their products include the Aristoclass Hopper Vinyl Basement Window, the Competitor Hopper Vinyl Basement Window, the Double Slider Utility Vinyl Window, the Patriot Hopper Vinyl Basement Window.

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