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Staying at home is almost equivalent to relaxation, especially for busy people. Either by snuggling in the bed all day or by watching television or by reading books, you would want to free your mind of worries. After all, home is a place where you should feel most comfortable. However, climate change and disrupted weather patterns may take a toll on your resting nest, especially on your over-exposed windows. Your windows are most likely the most affected place whenever strong winds and/or rains visit your place. Extreme weather condition shortens the lifespan of your windows and ruined windows equal ruined rest day, especially during severe weathers. That is why Carefree Windows is here. They are here to help you with your worries against old, rotten windows due to condensation and leaks in your windows. This type of window problem should be addressed as soon as possible because the moist areas may accommodate the growth of molds. Carefree Windows will take care of your replacement services and keep you worry-free.

While serving Philadelphia to the best of their abilities, Carefree Windows caters to nearby locals as well. Some of their products include the “Earthwise 143 Series” of double-hung windows. If traditional decor appeals to you, this window series will capture your heart. With incomparable welded frames and soft curves, Earthwise offers the best of both strength and beauty in wood windows. Innovations include low-sloped runoff to keep moisture away from your windows and minimized interior sash to allow the most amount of light to enter your room. They also utilize the famous “warm edge technology” making their windows not only efficient in heating and cooling but also in controlling the entry of sound from the surroundings into the house. This window series is available in different sizes and colors so you have a wide selection of windows that will surely fit your style and budget. If ever your desired design is not available, you can always request custom windows. This window starts at $139.00. They also have vinyl replacement products available and ready to deliver at $99.00 (these stock items were canceled purchases and measured incorrectly by customers).

Besides their on-hand designs, custom windows can be ordered, although the additional time for manufacture and installation may be needed. Double-hung windows can be customized, depending on your choice, to include sweep locks, easy cleaning mechanisms, and lift rails. If you opt for maximum viewing of your sceneries, a sliding window may be your best bet. This type can also be enhanced with sweep locks, metal screen frames, pull rails, and brass rollers for added ease of use. Carefree Windows also do custom bay windows, which offers a specialty glass and insulated seat board. If you want to add or replace your casement windows or patio doors, Carefree Windows can build you one that has beveled glass, multi-point locking system, aluminum screen, “Mylar Poly-Fin Weather Stripping” and “Q-Lon(TM) Ultra-Compression Weather Seal”.

Carefree Windows is located at 2701 East Butler Street, Philadelphia. You can reach them at 215 – 289 – 6500 if you want to have an appointment for showroom viewing. For a free consultation, you can visit their website, fill up the provided form and wait for up to 48 hours for confirmation.


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