Caradco Windows review

Caradco Windows InstallationCaradco WindowsWhen one decides on choosing wood as the main material for window construction, whether new or replacement, it is not surprising if you hear people suggest Caradco Windows. The windows company, specializing in wood windows and patio doors, was established in 1866 and has been a common household name since then.

Their products were used in famous places around the United States such as the White House and the University of Iowa to name a few. Buildings and houses along the downtown of Dubuque, Iowa (the birthplace of Caradco) were made with Caradco windows. Caradco windows, now with Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors, was founded as a merger between businessman Carr and craftsman Austin and ventured into the cabinet and furniture making.

Because of the company’s location along the Mississippi River, pine trees have been readily accessible and their credibility as the finest wood craftsmen started. The Caradco label was derived from the names of the company’s predecessor in 1958: Carr, Adams, and Collier. Although the company was able to keep its brand name, Caradco was transferred under different management: under Scovill Manufacturing Company in 1968 (and in 1976, the window production plant was transferred to Illinois) and under JELD-WEN took Caradco under its management in 1997.

Caradco Windows Innovations

Caradco Windows released an innovative design for the usual double-hung window. The window is called SmarFit, which combines easy cleaning (with removable sash) and a tilt-in mechanism. Your windows will never be out of style or be too old; you can choose from three different colors for your clad and match it up with your energy-efficient Low-e glass. SmartFit gives you the protection that you need against elements (rain and strong winds).

If you feel like Caradco wood windows are for you, you need to keep in mind some pointers for a long-lasting wood window. The Caradco series is distributed by Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors. You can visit their site for information on care, maintenance, and installation. The warranty given for Caradco Windows includes free replacement parts. Insulating glass panes are given to about 20 years warranty and replacement if the glass was found to be defective upon installation.

The wood and metal-clad wood frames for windows and patio doors are released with a 10-year warranty. Specialty glasses such as hurricane windows and laminated glass are given about 5 years warranty. When you request services, appropriate action will be provided within 30 days after notification. Inspection fees may be charged whenever deemed necessary, however, if the company is not able to replace and/or repair, the amount you paid is refunded.

You need to take care of your wooden windows because the warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, including weathering and corrosion. Misuse and improper alterations leading to breakage and damage are also not part of the warranty. For new construction, Caradco Windows are available in different clad colors and hardware and are also available for customization to better achieve your preferences.

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