Bristol Window Reviews

Bristol Windows InstallBristol WindowsPrivately owned by Winchester Industries, Bristol Windows started about thirty years ago with its first triple-glass replacement double-hung windows. Since then, the company has been providing its United States clientele with top-quality triple-glass windows that really last a lifetime.

The company has its own brand of locking system for security and glazing features, and it provides customers with a lot of choices in size, color, and styles. Today, Bristol Windows is handled by its presidents, Robert Weiz and George Yuhasz, and continues to keep its employees who have stayed loyal to the company for more than twenty years.

Bristol Windows Types

Bristol Windows has a wide range of window types to offer:

  • Bristol Double Hung Replacement Windows
  • Bristol Vinyl Sliding Windows
  • Bristol Vinyl Casement Windows
  • Bristol Awning Windows
  • Bristol Bay and Bow Windows
  • Bristol Vinyl Garden Windows
  • Bristol Replacement Picture Windows
  • Bristol Circle Top or Eyebrow Windows
  • Bristol Combination Windows
  • Bristol Hopper Windows

One characteristic that sets Bristol Windows products apart from others is its patented security locking system. This Quattro IV Security System uses a steel deadbolt that increases the difficulty of forced entry into the windows, thus preventing burglaries. This system is invisible and inoperable from the outside, so it definitely helps increase security and protection in the home.

Furthermore, another likable quality of these windows is that they have energy-efficient window frames. Bristol Windows received an R-value of 5 for its windows, which means that these have a high-performance thermal resistance. Heat and cold cannot just escape from the home when the weather drastically changes, so the interior humidity is kept at a comfortable level. When it comes to the glass material, Bristol Windows uses a Triple-E glass that reduces energy loss. This is composed of a three-layer double strength glass, Alpha-10 colorless gas, and a four-layer Solar Ban 60 with Low Emissivity Coatings, which only permits light rays to pass through. The windows are sealed with a super spacer system that uses warm-edge technology, which is an additional energy-saving feature.

Bristol Windows believes that household windows should only be installed once, so it provides window care tips for its customers. Use nonabrasive cleaners for the frames and wash thoroughly with water. Test the cleaner first in a small, partly hidden area of the frame before applying it all throughout. For the glass, a mixture of mild dish soap and water will do, but make sure to wipe it clean with a soft cloth. To ensure hassle-free opening and closing, ensure that the tracks are debris-free and that the tracks and rollers are regularly lubricated. Prevent mold and condensation by opening the windows when there is humidity inside your home.

Bristol Windows products are quite expensive, but the security and quality that they give to your home will definitely be unparalleled. Some customer reviews even mentioned that their windows look like the day they were first installed, even though it had been five years ago. Also, with the maintenance advice given to customers, you can be sure that these windows will last a lifetime.

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