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Bilt Best Windows InstallBilt Best WindowsBilt Best windows and Patio Doors, founded in 1947, is a product manufacturer under Bilt Best Products, Inc. who has been designing custom windows and doors for more than five decades. Their products are made of high quality materials such as Cardinal insulating glass and Pine and Alder wood. They also support green building.

In the early 1950s, the main objective of their windows was to keep the element out and let the light inside the house. But the company has grown and has been keeping up with technology offering windows capable of heat insulation, easy cleaning, sound control, and durability for long years. Bilt Best windows offer replacement parts, services, and installation for casement hinges and locks, sash, broken glass, and rotten wood.

The Bilt Best Company did not start as a complete windows and doors manufacturer. Traveling from Nassau New York, where Morris and Paul Eisenberg established the company as a housing component manufacturer, to Clarence, Missouri as ammunition manufacturer for the U.S. Army. After three years, the group decided to leave for Genevieve, Missouri to start as a wooden window builder. Ownership of the company has been passed down to several names in the industry; firstly to DiGiorgio Corporation and then to British Hanson Industries. In 1999, Bilt Best windows have been handed down to Strategic Industries, a subsidiary of Citicorp Venture Group, employing hundreds of workers. They cater not only to homeowners but also dealers and distributors in the construction industry. This is how they were able to achieve revenue of about $25 million.

Almost half of Bilt Best windows are made of wood, usually raw wood frames and aluminum-clad windows. However, with increasing demand and competition in such industry, Bilt Best windows made the logical decision of upgrading their windows by adding the latest technology in windows manufacturing without sacrificing quality and affordability. Double-paned glass windows are their standard product but they also offer energy-efficient Low-E glass, the efficiency of which is improved by incorporating warm-edge glazing technology wherein the window edges and frames are separated by insulators. They also offer hurricane/strong winds resistant glass windows and ProClad Series of aluminum-clad casement, double-hung, and slider windows. Accepting made-to-order windows assures customers that Bilt Best windows are of high quality: always new and never from an inventory. Standard windows are supplied in 10 days while custom-made windows are released 21 to 28 days. These windows come with an electronic copy (in CD-ROM) of the technical specifications as part of the company’s service.

Customers have suggested that Bilt Best windows can compete with leading windows and doors brands such as Pella or Andersen windows: similar quality at a lower price. They offer a 10-year warranty for their products. Different opinions on the quality of products manufactured by any construction company are inevitable, however, it is still best to maintain and take care of purchases so they would last long. Bilt Best is located at 175 S. Tenth Street, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. You can reach them at 800.245.8237.


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