Barrier Windows

Barrier-WindowsBarrier windows are a particular type of window manufactured by a company in Westmoreland, New York bearing the same name. These windows can take various styles, but their primary characteristic is superior weatherability, which is also their main selling point. The Barrier Windows company advertises these windows, aside from other qualities, for keeping in cold during the summer and preventing heat escape during the winter.

Barrier Windows started their replacement and siding business in 1977, pioneered by Mr. and Mrs. Armand Joseph Cadieux. The business was operated in the basement of their home, and since 2004 when Mr. Cadieux died, the operations have been taken over by one of their sons, Anthony, who became the company’s president later on. The grandchildren were allowed to take internships in the offices, and they carry on the knowledge, values, and work ethics started by their grandparents.

Windows from Barrier Windows have different characteristics that make them perfect for households located in areas experiencing hot and cold. First, these windows do not allow energy wastage inside your home caused by radiation, conduction, and infiltration. Heat and cold are preserved all year-round, making you comfortable during erratic weather changes.

Another likable characteristic of these windows is that they cost less when it comes to maintenance. The frames are durable, the paint does not crack, and break-ins are non-existent, so future applications of putty, caulk and paint are unnecessary. When it comes to construction, Barrier windows use fusion-welded, heavy-duty frames and sashes, quality insulating foam in the frames, triple over the double glass with inert gas fill, and a glass system with low U values. The force balancing technology used in these vinyl windows allows easy cleaning and operation, and the sweep lock and lift rail are made of heavy-duty materials.

These Barrier windows provide superior UV protection, so you do not have to worry about your carpet fading. The inert gas within the window panels prevents sound from escaping, perfect for ensuring privacy in the home. Also, the thermal protection they give can actually help lower power consumption when heating and air conditioning systems are needed.

When purchasing Barrier Windows products, make sure that sound, UV, and thermal protection are provided as a triple benefit. Aside from lowering heating and cooling costs, having these three features will make your home definitely comfortable. Prefer double-hung windows on upper floors for easier cleaning, since these types have sashes that can be moved up or down and can be tilted. Additionally, be knowledgeable about the code requirements in your particular area when installing new windows. Some areas require residents to install hurricane-resistant windows or tempered-glass windows depending on the situation or house location.

Many window companies offer customers customized windows according to their needs. Thus, if you have a trusted company on your list, you may just inquire if they can manufacture barrier windows for you that have all the qualities you need to insulate, soundproof, or UV-protect your home. Lastly, make sure to shop around to get the best price.

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