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Awp WindowsHeadquartered in Medley, Florida, AWP Windows has been providing quality window products for more than five decades not only to customers, but also to its great following that includes engineers, distributors, architects, and contractors. They pride themselves in creating windows for homes that are long-lasting, easy to install, and easy to maintain, and having received nine consecutive recognitions from the BBB Gold Star Award, it only shows that they have maintained their name on top while giving homeowners a good choice for a good price.

The quality that sets AWP Windows apart from its competition is its nonpareil customer service. Their courteous and clean staff visit your home on time to take measurements in order to give you customized windows per your needs, but they also give you suggestions and literature copies so that you are aware of the varied window options perfect for your home. In addition, they never hire subcontractors, so you can be sure that your windows are installed professionally and standard-based by its installers.

Available AWP Window Styles:

  • AWP Casement Windows
  • AWP Tilt Single Hung Windows
  • AWP Picture Windows
  • AWP Aluminum Awning Windows
  • AWP Single Hung Window
  • AWP Geometric and Arch Windows
  • AWP Specialty Windows
  • AWP Rolling Windows
  • AWP Awning Windows

The foremost characteristics that distinguish windows from AWP Windows are being hurricane resistant and shutter free. Homeowners can eliminate labor costs for re-installing window shutters for every hurricane warning. Aside from offering a great view to the outside, these windows also provide 100% UV protection, 24-hour security, and 90% noise reduction. Also, these are proofed with empowered weatherstripping, smooth-finished, heavy-duty, and very durable.

AWP Windows never limits its customers to only a few styles and sizes. The windows are customized according to requirements while ensuring that the construction meets protocol standards. These windows come in two common finishes, white and bronze, but there are other home-friendly special colors to choose from, such as sand, eggshell, Hartford green, and clear anodized. When it comes to glass, options include clear, gray or obscure, bronze, and laminated glass, while glazing styles are available in three varieties: standard vent, country cottage, and colonial glazing.

AWP Windows is proudest of the technologies and qualities showcased in its windows. All products are rated, compared to their competition, to have considerably low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Number, which determines their ability to block heat from the sun, as well as a low U-Factor, a number that indicates their ability to keep heat inside the home. Further, the noise reduction feature is due to the triple over double strength glass system, which is simply placing the triple-strength glass on one side and double-strength glass on the other. Compared to other brands, AWP Windows uses reinforced aluminum sashes or beams that are not hollow, so they give stronger locks and do not sag over time.

All windows are Energy Star compliant and are offered with five years of warranty on manufacturing defects, while glass warranty is according to its own manufacturer. These windows are high-quality vinyl, so they are very easy to maintain because they do not rust, peel, or chip, nor do they need cleaning or painting.

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