ATI Windows

Established in 1992, ATI Windows has long been serving the states of Nevada and California for their window needs. Owning a 400,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Riverside, the company specializes in creating high-quality, American-made vinyl windows offered at the best prices in the market. Recently, other materials have been added to their product line, which include wood, steel, fiberglass, and moldings and trim.

Available ATI Windows Styles:

– ATI Horizontal Sliding Windows
– ATI Vertical Sliding Windows
– ATI Picture Windows
– ATI Casement Windows
– ATI Awning Windows
– ATI Geometric Windows
– ATI Glass Block Windows
– ATI Acrylic Block Windows
– ATI Greenhouse Windows

ATI Windows Series:

– ATI Ultima Series
– ATI Foundation Series
– ATI Portal Series

ATI Windows is known for providing various and customizable configurations for its windows. Starting with a horizontal sliding window, you can have it in white or beige, with a right-to-left or left-to-right handing when viewed outside, with various heights, with stucco or powerwall setback, with clear or low E glass, with an obscure or tempered glass, with flat or sculpted grids, or with four-by-one or four-by-two colonial grid pattern. ATI Windows also provides optimum weatherstripping on the inside and outside of the sash to prevent air, water, and sound from passing through. The sloped sill allows for easier cleaning, while the full miter design eliminates the gap in the square cut of the window.

One distinct feature that ATI Windows has is the varying horizontal slider it provides. The flush fin slider is easy to trim to desired size, has a thick and strong wall, and has caulking pockets on the back for a better bond. The reinforced steel slider is two pieces of galvanized steel that create a durable window, while the sloped-sill frame lets water and condensation escape down the window frame. There is also the double-brass adjustable roller that makes window installation in not-so-square areas easier. The monotrail track perfectly centers the sliding panel for ultimate weatherseal, while the nine chamber frame provides more window strength. Lastly, there is the penetration free frame, which does not use screws through the outside of the frame, eliminating the trouble of water leak through mullion holes.

ATI Windows prices its windows according to features selected by the customer, or whether it is replacement or new construction. Depending on the complexity of the window, the price may range between $100 and $350, and there is a $25 measure fee for quotes, which is refundable upon ordering. Pricing for replacement and new construction windows also varies. New construction includes flashing and caulking, but excludes carpentry and removal. However, replacement work includes removal of the old window, caulking, and trimming, but it does not include stucco patching or painting.

ATI Windows does not allow return for made-to-order windows, but return is possible within ten days after purchase for in-stock windows, provided that the product is in its original condition. All ATI Windows products comply with the safety standards of the National Safety Council.