American Standard Window Film

American Standard Window Film InstallAmerican Standard Window Film WindowsThe American Standard Window Film (ASWF) is the window film manufacturing division of Erickson International, LLC. The more than an acre production plant is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The division produces eco-friendly and energy-efficient window products using processes that turn out almost zero waste. The company distributes its window film products through authorized dealers. Distributors have spread in California, Florida, and the Southwest Nevada area.

The company’s state-of-the-art renders efficient and accurate window film products. Their production and coating system are technology-aided human handling is lessened to ensure fewer errors. This paves the way for clean procedures that give out the possibly highest quality window film. The system also ensures a high turnaround percentage at low energy consumption.

The Architectural Films product line has attractive features and comes at reasonable prices. The films come with sturdy and scratch-resistant coatings. They have adhesives for mounting that can be either dry- or pressure-sensitive. A range of shades is offered to cater to different demands. Moreover, the films are able to resist ultraviolet rays at a 99% rate. Architectural Films are available in three series: the Solar Series, the Design Series, and the Protection Series. All films come in varying sizes and types.

Window Films Series

The Solar Series of films are standards that meet the varying needs of consumers.

Window films in this series and their descriptions include:

    • Nature: Neutral film
    • Horizon: Bronze film
    • Reflection: Metalized silver film
    • Sky: Commercial low interior film
    • Illusion: One-way mirror low interior film
    • Moonlight: Black low interior and exterior film
    • Daydream
    • Firewall

The Design Series are glass films that exude elegant designs and are composed of glass coatings. Films within this series are:

    • White Frost
    • White Out
    • Black Out
    • UV Clear
    • Removable White Frost
    • Removable Black Out

The Protection Series has put security above all. These are perfect for project units requiring sturdy and high-grade products. Security films in this series include:

    • Anti-Graffiti
    • Safety

To have a clear set of values of the films’ performances against thermal radiation, interested parties may consult their online product page at ASWF warranty grant assures that all of the company’s window films meet the high standards and were subjected to supervised lab testing. Their products are able to withstand temperature changes and pressures that are far beyond those experienced in actual residential and/or commercial settings. Company staff and/or dealers may further elucidate warranty conditions. Becoming an ASWF dealer opens a wide network of possible opportunities and contacts. Dealers of the brand enjoy a full stock inventory of a wide range of architectural window films. Comprehensive warranty coverage is available so products received are assured of optimum quality. Product pricing is set to reasonable and comes with useful materials for sales and marketing for a total return of investments. Customer service is offered and is composed of experienced and knowledgeable staff and a management team. To be a dealer, interested parties may send an application form through their website at .References (links):

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