Alpine Window Reviews

Alpine Windows InstalledAlpine-WindowsThe Alpine brand speaks for the window line of products of Associated Materials, Inc. The company is a patent of select North American facilities that manufacture and distribute exterior home products. It has been in operation since 1947.

The production plant of Alpine Windows is located in Bothell, Washington. The company has 400 employees that make high-end replacement and new construction window products. These residential and small-scale commercial unit products are of exceptional quality, are easily maintained, and are power efficient.

Alpine Series Product

Their product line is divided into three: Alpine 70 Series Vinyl Windows, Alpine 80 Series Vinyl Windows, and Westbridge Elite.

The Alpine 70 Series of windows have vinyl frames held together with fusion welding. They come with Low-E glasses that offer great insulation performance and energy conservation. This series’ window collection is comprised of:

    • Alpine 70 Series A571: Single Hung Windows
    • Alpine 70 Series A272: Horizontal Slider Windows
    • Alpine 70 Series A770: Picture Windows

The Alpine 80 Series of windows is the company’s premiere collection. Sturdy vinyl frames and sashes come with a one-inch Low-E glass for outstanding thermal operation. This series’ window collection is comprised of:

    • Alpine 80 Series A581: Single Hung Windows
    • Alpine 80 Series A282: Horizontal Slider Windows
    • Alpine 80 Series A682: Casement Windows
    • Alpine 80 Series A681: Awning Windows
    • Alpine 80 Series A780: Picture Windows

Westbridge Elite Collection

The Westbridge Elite collection of windows uses solid vinyl material. This window group is precision-welded and sturdily constructed. The window areas come with high-efficiency thermal glasses and removable fiberglass screens. Units with this collection of windows enjoy low power costs, easy maintenance, and high resale prices. This Westbridge Elite window collection is comprised of:

    • Westbridge Elite Double Hung Windows
    • Westbridge Elite Horizontal Slider Windows
    • Westbridge Elite Casement Windows
    • Westbridge Elite Awning Windows
    • Westbridge Elite Picture Windows

Aside from the mentioned window product line, the brand also offers a collection of special shapes to accentuate any window opening in any home. Some available special shapes are:

    • Alpine Full Round Windows
    • Alpine Half Round Windows
    • Alpine Quarter Arch Windows
    • Alpine Round Top with Extended Leg Windows
    • Alpine Octagon Windows
    • Alpine Pentagon Windows
    • Alpine Trapezoid Windows
    • Alpine Triangle Windows

All Alpine window products have undergone demanding tests done in independent laboratories and supervised by industry organizations. The brand also supports and/or meets the requirements set by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), ENERGY STAR Windows Program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA). Alpine window products all qualify for tax credits for energy efficiency from the federal up to the local level. The company also offers a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty grant for the 70 Series, 80 Series, and the Westbridge Elite window collections. This coverage is functional for homeowners’ Alpine window products the whole time they live in their units. Every detail of a window product is covered, including cracks, corrosions, and flaking of sashes, mainframes, fiberglass screens, and soundproof glasses.
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