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Advance WindowsBased in Chicago, Advance Window Corp. specializes in manufacturing and wholesaling vinyl windows and doors. It has been in the business since 1995 and is one of the fastest-growing window companies in the nation. Accordingly, they attribute their success to their fast production time, high standards in quality control, and excellent customer service.

The company’s goal is to offer clients value-filled products supported with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment at affordable prices. All their windows can be customized to fit in with all modern window design trends, whilst maintaining adherence to residential and commercial building codes.

Company window products are diverse with a variety of color and style combinations. Special designs employing architectural shapes, bay and bow windows, and the European tilt and turn window line are also available.

Advance 5200 Windows Line

Collectively, the first line of window products is called the 5200 Window Line, available in solid white or tan colors. This set is comprised of:

  • 5200 Line Advance Double-hung and Oriel Windows
  • 5200 Line Advance Picture Windows

The double-hung windows have sloped sills to facilitate drainage while maintaining a wooden look. The picture windows, on the other hand, have beveled external surfaces and designs that can be paired with double-hung sightlines for uniformity.

Advance 6200 Windows Line

The next set of windows is called the 6200 Window Line, also available in solid white and tan, painted exteriors and interiors, and optional interior laminated wood grains. This set includes the following window designs:

  • 6200 Line Double-hung and Oriel Windows
  • 6200 Line Picture Windows
  • 6200 Line Two and Three Lite Slider Windows
  • 6200 Line Casement Windows
  • 6200 Line Awning Windows
  • 6200 Line Bay and Bow Windows
  • 6200 Line Large and Small Casement Picture Windows
  • 6200 Line Fixed Architectural Shapes

The two and three lite slider windows, also called gliders or rollers, are perfect for wall openings where width is bigger than height, such as the spaces under standard windows. Indeed, these can add light to any room thus, increasing home comfort and value.

Large and small casement picture windows are perfect for homeowners who want casement or awning-style windows without openings. Simply put, these are fixed casement or awning windows and can come in various, custom sizes.

Homeowners desiring more options and individuality for their windows and/or home designs may choose to go for fixed architectural shapes. Included architectural shapes are:

  • Triangle Architectural Shapes
  • Trapezoid Architectural Shapes
  • Doghouse Architectural Shapes
  • Hexagon Architectural Shapes
  • Octagon Architectural Shapes
  • Quarter Round Architectural Shapes
  • Half Circle Architectural Shapes
  • Full Circle Architectural Shapes
  • Eyebrow with Extended Legs Architectural Shapes
  • Mulled Arch Top Architectural Shapes

Advance 4500 Windows Line

Another set of window products is the 4500 Tilt and Turn Window Line. Windows on this set are fashioned after the famous European-style tilt and turn windows. This mechanism of either tilting or turning a window offers maximum control for ventilation, drainage, and cleaning. Window designs included in this series are:

  • Single or Double Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Fixed Picture Windows
  • Fixed Architectural Shapes

At this point, it is imperative to note that hopper windows can be easily confused with awning windows. To differentiate, awning windows are hinged at the top and open from the bottom up. Hopper windows are conversely hinged at the bottom and open at the top.

All Advance Window Corp. windows are rated by ENERGY STAR and the NFRC. Windows are covered by a non-prorated, limited, lifetime warranty. Owners who have the company’s windows installed in their homes are qualified for the Federal Tax Credit.

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