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Archive for 2019

Greenhouse Window Installation Costs

Do you want to bring nature into your home, even in winter, and even if you live in a highly urbanized environment? Then you should think about installing a greenhouse ...

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French Windows Cost Review

French windows can be a great choice for your home renovation or new building. Perhaps you’ve heard of both French windows and French doors, but don’t realize there’s a difference. ...

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Kitchen Windows

A kitchen serves two main purposes in the home. It’s the room where all the main cooking and cleaning happens, so it’s a functional space. It’s also the heart of ...

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Best Faux Windows for Your Home

Do you have a living space in your home without windows? A windowless space can feel claustrophobic. Even lots of cleverly-placed artificial lighting might not help to make the room ...

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Rite Window Replacement Review

Rite Window headquarters is located in Woburn, Massachusetts, where they have a very proud history in customer service. They are locally owned and serve all of eastern Massachusetts and southern ...

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National Window & Door Replacement Review

National Window & Door, based in Christiansburg, Virginia, is considered the leader in window replacement in the VA area. They have been serving the area for over thirty years now ...

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Sunrise Windows Replacement Review

Are you looking to replace windows in your existing home, or choose windows for your new building? If you’ve done some research, you’ll know that it can be tough wading ...

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Lantern Windows

Are you adding a room to your house, or renovating your garage into a living space? Then you might consider installing lantern windows. Lantern windows (also called roof lanterns) are very ...

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Dormer Windows

Attics are not just for storing your junk! Plenty of homeowners these days are converting their attics or lofts into living spaces or spare bedrooms. But what kind of windows ...

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Transom Windows – Cost of Installation

Transom windows have made a comeback in building renovations and upgrades. So what are they, and what do they cost to install? Transom windows historically were used to allow air and ...

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