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Archive for 2012

Double Pane Windows Prices

Double pane windows are a type of window that consists of two panes, thus the name double pane. This type of window is so simple that some people may think ...

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Hurricane Windows Review

Nowadays, it seems that there is no telling when a hurricane will strike next. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared. To ensure that the interior of the home ...

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Commercial Windows

Commercial Windows are a type of window used for office and retail spaces. The main purpose of this type of window will depend on the nature of the business. Most ...

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Basement Window Prices

Basement windows - what are they and how much do they cost? Basement windows are usually installed in homes to provide the same function as a normal window: to provide ample amount ...

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Colonial Windows

Colonial windows refer to symmetrically designed, multi-paned windows that provide a great view of the outside. In one window sash, there are most likely nine or twelve panes. Most of these ...

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Custom Windows

Custom windows are windows that fit the specifications of a particular client. These windows may be of a certain type but have gone through some modifications that make them just ...

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Single Hung Windows Prices

Single Hung Windows are a type of window that has two sashes. One is movable while the other one is fixed. Usually, the bottom sash is the one that can ...

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Bay Window Prices

Bay windows are defined as windows that project outward of the main walls. The name is so because it forms a bay inside the house. Bay can be defined as ...

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Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass windows are also known as switchable glass, smart windows, switchable windows or E-Glass. It is made of a type of transparent glass that can turn opaque when a ...

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Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered Glass Windows are a type of fixture that uses a safety glass and is ideal in homes or building that requires a sturdier window than the standard glass. The ...

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