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Archive for May, 2012

Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows started in an area where lumber was readily available. Realizing the opportunity around 1912, George Marvin founded the Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company and with a golden heart ...

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Picture Windows

Picture windows are large windows that do not have a glazed bar. If it does have glazed bars, these are located near the edge of the window. This way, the ...

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Cellar Windows

Cellar windows, popularly known as basement windows, are small types of windows placed in the lower part of the home. Though often overlooked and ignored, it is an essential part ...

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Affordable Windows

Affordable Windows is a locally operated, full-service window sales and installation company owned by Gina Della. The company sells and installs Alside windows and patio doors since the start of ...

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Slider Windows Price Review

Slider windows are a type of window that has two or even more slightly overlapping sashes that horizontally slide within the frame. One of the sashes is fixed while the ...

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Barrier Windows

Barrier windows are a particular type of window manufactured by a company in Westmoreland, New York bearing the same name. These windows can take various styles, but their primary characteristic ...

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Cascade Windows

Cascade windows also referred to as overlaid windows because the windows overlap each other. This type of window may either slide up and down or side to side. Cascade windows ...

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Storm Windows Review

Storm windows are a type of window that is created from a single paned existing window by simply putting a piece of glass between the inner and outer parts of ...

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Art Glass Windows

Art glass windows, also called stained glass windows, are a type of window with colorful glass material combined together to create a specific kind of image or pattern. The creation of ...

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Discount Windows

There can be a myriad of reasons for a product to go on sale or to sell with a discounted price. The store could be having some sort of promo ...

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