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Archive for 2011

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass has been available for the last 20 years, but it has not been popular or familiar among many building contractors as a framing material for windows. For sure, fiberglass ...

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Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows - Aluminum is the planet's most common chemical element and is used all over the world in a range of products. It possesses atomic number 13 and is ...

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Window Types

Window companies offer a wide selection of window types depending on your building specifications, needs, and design preference. Different window types come in varying size, shape, color, material, hardware options, ...

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Window Tax Credits

The latest window technologies these days contribute to high energy efficiency features of the windows as well as additional comforts and benefits for window buyers. You have to take advantage ...

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Window Outlets

Window outlets, which can be found all over the country, provide a wide selection of window options for different consumers. Each of the company they represent offers attractive window packages ...

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Window Materials

Different window companies make use of different window materials for their products. Available materials in the market these days include wood, wood clad, vinyl, vinyl clad, aluminum, aluminum clad, fibrex, ...

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Window Brands

There are numerous window brands in the market today. Those among the top of the list get excellent reviews from industry professionals. But for regular homeowners or novice building contractors, ...

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ABC Windows

Established in 1973, the ABC Windows company has long been a fixture in the home improvement industry. They are a well respected member of the home builders associations chambers of ...

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Milgard Windows Replacement

Milgard Windows has been delivering high quality windows since 1968 when Gary Milgard decided to start an aluminum window company named Milgard Windows. In 2001, the Masco Corporation acquired Milgard ...

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