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Archive for 2011

Advance Window Corp

Based in Chicago, Advance Window Corp. specializes in manufacturing and wholesaling vinyl windows and doors. It has been in the business since 1995 and is one of the fastest growing ...

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Pella Windows

Pella Windows, believe it or not, was founded way back in 1925. That time, it was still known as the Rolscreen Company. In 1992, the business took on the name ...

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Andersen Windows

In 1903, Danish immigrant Hans Andersen started the Andersen window business with his family in Hudson, Wisconsin. Back then, their wooden window frames were created from logs that came down ...

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Accent Windows

Accent Windows has been a choice for many in providing high-quality windows and doors since 1982. Its manufacturing facility, located in Denver, Colorado, uses only the finest and modern materials ...

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Window Tax Credits Update

In the US, a tax credit applies to the sum deducted from the amount of tax an individual or business is obliged to pay to the state. This credit may ...

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Window World Windows Reviews

Window World Windows has just been fifteen years in business, but it has already gained reputation for providing customers with high-quality, energy-efficient, and low-cost windows. From being a roadside stand ...

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Wholesale Windows

Wholesale Windows is a Bromborough, Wirral-based window outlet supplying high-quality vinyl and PVCU windows for the UK market. Member of the Wirral Trading Standards from the beginning, the company continues ...

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Wooden Replacement Windows

Wood is an abundant natural resource that comes from the fibrous tissue in many trees. It is an organic material that supports plants and allows them to grow bigger and ...

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Vinyl Pvc Windows

Why Choose Vinyl Windows? Instead of using pricey materials such as wood and metal to frame a replacement window, people tend to be more practical and go for cheaper yet similarly ...

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Metal Windows

In science, metal is an element or compound that conducts electricity and heat, and is highly malleable. The word metal derives its origin from the Greek term metallon, which means ...

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